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Automotive Devices

Are you ready to make Knight Rider a reality? Sounds awesome, we can help!

Remote Automotive Diagnostics

Remote OBD-II Test Support This device allows certified mechanics with test equipment located half a world away to perform any electronic diagnostic repair or maintenance function.

CDS ASTech2 Remote Automotive Diagnostics

Sabretooth Processor Reference Platform

Transmission Controller Reference Paragon helped Motorola reinforce their relationship with Chrysler by designing an embedded system that virtually every Chrysler product now relies on.

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Sabretooth Processor Reference Platform

We speak OBD-II CAN-bus and several other automotive protocols. We have extensive experience in this industry and would love to discuss how we can apply these to your product.

Ever tried an OBD-II project? Auto manufacturers only have to comply with standards related to emissions and fuel economy. If you want to do more on OBD-II you have to deal with the fragmentation of talking to vehicles across the entire range of vehicles/makes/models in the market.

Paragon has been to that rodeo and dominated. While there is no such thing as an easy project in the auto industry we've helped multiple companies take extremely unique products to market. Bring us your idea, we can help.

Experience in:

  • OBD-II Diagnostics Capture and Translation
  • Design of automatic transmission controller
  • Integrating GPS locators to interact with vehicle CPUs to track vehicle diagnostics in conjunction with physical locations and speeds
  • Communicating across and decoding CAN bus communications for capturing diagnostic codes and reprogramming vehicle component statuses
  • Hands-on testing of OBD-II communications with dozens of makes and models across the automotive industry.
  • Analysis of OBD-II communication transactions
  • SAE environmental standards compliance

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