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There‘s a lot more to designing and manufacturing a product than having a great idea and hitting the production lines.

These 10 commandments represent our starting point on your journey toward lasting success.

1. Thou shalt refine thine ideas and vet them.

Inspiration and great ideas can strike anywhere, and it‘s important to get the big picture nailed down. Think critically about who the product is for and why they‘d want it.

2. Thou shalt research the marketplace.

Do the legwork on potential customers, competitors, and more, and
seek out a Intellectual Property professional to protect your idea.

3. Thou shalt raise money, and, whence thou hast raised money, thou shalt again raise money.

Craft an elevator pitch, get initial round of funding, and then do it again. Seek the advice of others who have successfully raised money in the venture capital community and follow their lead.

4. Thou shalt create requirements to convey thine
ideas to product designers.

Establish thorough guidelines that outline what the product should do,
how it will be used, what it will look like, and more. Review accuracy,
feasibility, requirements and more.

5. Thou shalt use an experienced,
professional design team.

Source and work with a team of professionals with experience in many disciplines dedicated wholly to your success.

6. Thou shalt verify thy design with prototypes.

Test your product with real end-users so that what looks great on paper translates to the real world.

7. Thou shalt not produce many before thou
hast made a few.

Always leverage pre-production with initial batches that can test the process and finished result before ramping up production.

8. Thou shalt have no regulatory
requirements unverified.

Make sure that you have a plan to certify your product for national and international regulations.

9. Thou shalt honor thy sales and marketing team. Every role is critical

Marketers drive awareness and salespeople close deals. Select people with skill sets for both.

10. Thou shalt choose thy partners carefully.

Carefully vet potential partners and select those who fill your gaps with expert knowledge and proven results.